Monday, December 20, 2010

Naturally Yours,

The stars are getting aligned for Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies, with widespread adoptions of touch phones and pads, and recent advancements in consumer technologies such as Xbox Kinect. Consumers have progressed from ‘liking’ to ‘expecting’ natural multi-touch interface. Many technologies are already creative waves.  In L&T Infotech, our Tech office experimented with Microsoft Surface and I was amazed to see the possibilities. Touch IT

I suspect that we will see explosion of application of these technologies everywhere in coming years…!  Consumer electronics industry such as Gaming, Phones, and computers will naturally be far ahead, however, I wonder where we will use this in Insurance industry.
I bet it will be for marketing splash and customer acquisition. I can see consumers leaning on the interactive tables and playing with Geco to understand different parts of policies OR interacting with cute Progressive lady to name their price. Who says buying insurance cannot be fun?


- Amit Unde