Thursday, April 24, 2008

Role of an Architect

I recently published an article in Microsoft Architect Journal about the 'Role of an Architect' from system integrator perspective.

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Any comments ?


  1. Amit, I have written my review on your article at

  2. It is a very good article giving different roles for an architect. It is good to know the different streams in architecture.

  3. Hi Mr. Unde

    This article is very, very interesting and useful (mainly for new - and young - system architects).

    And what about security architects ? Is there some similar role ?

  4. Thanks Alexandre.

    I have seen multiple variations of 'Technical Architect' role based on specialization in particular aspect of the architecture. For example, security architect, Data architect etc.
    Such specialized roles are getting more attention now a days and they typically work at organizational level, rather than a project level.