Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ignoring Blackberry for your Mobile app - Not a good idea !

I see that many insurance companies are competing to release Consumer facing applications on iPhone, but they are not doing it for Blackberry or any other smart phones. Is it really a good idea?

Contrary to popular beliefs, iPhone does not have the largest market share in Smart phones, but in fact, it is Blackberry (RIM), who is leading the front.

According to latest research released by ComScore, around 36 million Americans use SmartPhones. Out of which 41% market share is with Blackberry and 25% is with Apple. Apple’s growth has been good, but it is not taking it from the Blackberry. Surprising, the Blackberry growth in year 2009 is better than that of Apple.

It will be interesting to look at the age groups. I bet that the Blackberry is being used mostly by business executives, whereas the iPhone is more popular with younger generation.
Question is - What will be the target audience for Insurance companies and which phone they are likely to use?
I would not take any chances and support Blackberry platform as well.

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- Amit Unde


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